La Luna en Ti (in Spanish)

The Moon in You

How to Use It for Success

Find out how to predict your harmonic and inharmonic moments in this book. You don't need to know astrology to understand it.

Do you want to benefit from better timing?

Have you ever tried to build a relationship only to find the other person was distracted at that point? Choosing a favorable moment makes a difference.

This book addresses the topic of finding propitious moments in advance. It presents a model based on the ancient abodes of the Moon until now reserved for astrologers. Its objective is to make this model accessible to readers who do not necessarily know astrology.

We want to provide a practical tool for finding optimal moments for you.

Knowing when to act will open doors to personal and social development that the best abilities cannot. Use this book as a master key to unlock those doors.

If you already have the book La Luna en Ti and want to see the next katalimas and your personal Katalima, please click here to see the page that supports it.

You will find your Katalima and the table of Katalima's beginnings for the next days. Use them with the method described in the book to predict your propitious days.

We believe you will benefit from this knowledge, as acting on a fit moment conveys a sense of being supported by the circumstances.

Tell us how you are doing, and please do not hesitate to send us an email to the address that appears in the book. We will be delighted to help you.