There is a right time for everything.

Know the opportune moment for you with Katalimas,
an astrological system created by Luis Cleve.

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Optimise your chances

Katalimas help you find a good day to start a project, sign a contract, travel, go to the dentist, or many other things.

Power up

Take advantage of the relationship between the moon and the body parts to avoid not-so-good days for treatments.

See the katalimas

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  • "To perform each thing in its own moment also means that it does not steal time from other things."
    Rodney Collin, "The Theory of Conscious Harmony"
  • "With Katalimas I knew I was not only doing the right thing but also doing it at the right time."
  • "I highly recommend this method."
    Maitena Schmidt
  • "Before making an important decision, I always check the katalima. It gives me peace of mind."
    Pearl C.
  • "Without knowing in which katalima we are, I don't do anything."
    Lautaro Rodríguez

This is about you living a better life

Knowing when to act or when to keep a low profile will help you fulfill your dreams.

Katalimas do that. They point out good days to take action (or not to). You get more from your efforts. You feel more confident when you act.

Have you already thought about what you are going to do with the brand-new empowered you?

You could improve your style, learn to play music, get a Ph.D., go to the gym, meditate, write a book, start running, discover ikebana, watch series on Netflix, buy a Tamagotchi, look at the ceiling for hours on end, or learn to speak French.

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