Very sad news

Luis E. Cleve, our dear friend and creator of the Katalimata model, passed away on June 10th. Seleneonline is in mourning.

Luis was an exceptionally brilliant man, generous and kind-hearted. He helped thousands find their way by reading their birth-charts.

Seleneonline offers "El Astrólogo" a bio that Luis himself wrote for his page in 2007. At the time being, it is only in Spanish. Please accept our apologies. We will translate it soon.

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Manage your time

Optimize your chances with katalimata, an astrological system developed by Luis E. Cleve.

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Optimise your chances

Katalimata help you find a good day to start a project, sign a contract, travel, go to the dentist, or many other things.

Power up

Take advantage of the relationship between the moon and the body parts to avoid not-so-good days for treatments.

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